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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 24, 2019 12:37am-1:35am PDT

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[ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- beto o'rourke -- from "good boys" actress and comedian retta - from "euphoria" actress hunter schafer - featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news well, today, the uk finally answered the question. if your friend jumped off a cliff, would you [ light laughter ] pro-brexit politician boris johnson was officially
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elected today to become the uk's next prime minister. great. in 70 years, the uk has gone from winston churchill to a roady for spinal tap [ light laughter ] president trump continued his attacks on minority congresswomen today tweeting the quote, "aoc plus three are a nightmare for america. although technically for trump, anything that involves math is a nightmare. [ laughter and applause "aoc plus three, how do you -- how do you add letters to a number?" several bars in washington, d.c. will open early tomorrow so people can watch special counsel robert mueller's congressional testimony. so by dinnertime, you'll be just like the mueller report, mostly blacked out. [ laughter ] [ applause ] according to a new poll, despite senator elizabeth warren having of voters say they see her as likable.
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now, let's see what happens when we change her name to warren elizabeth oh [ laughter ] okay that's very interesting. the fda has released a new anti-teen vaping ad that features a street magician performing a trick that turns e-cigarettes into traditional cigarettes because if there's one group of people teens will definitely listen to, it's street magicians. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause macy's is being accused of fat shaming customers after its flagship store in manhattan began selling plates with marked rings indicating serving sizes with names like mom jeans, favorite jeans, and skinny jeans, not to mention this giant tub that says dad jeans. [ laughter and applause according to new data, the highest paying job on average in new york is anesthesiologist
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because it's the state with the highest concentration of people who don't want to feel anything. [ light laughter ] producers at warner brothers have struck a deal with coffee bean and tea leaf to offer special items based on characters from the sitcom "friends" including the joey, which is a mango cold brewed tea, the rachel, which is a mata latte, and the ross which is the bathroom key [ laughter and applause that's right, producers have struck a deal with coffee bean to offer special items based on the characters from "friends." unfortunately, they have nothing for you if you take your coffee black. [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause
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no, no, that's the right order we'll do bathroom key then we'll kill them with the black joke. [ light laughter ] no, you don't want to flip it. [ light laughter ] he's a former representative from texas and a current 2020 presidential candidate beto o'rourke is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause you can see her in the new movie, "good boys," opening in theaters on august 16th. our friend, retta, is back, everyone [ cheers and applause we're always so happy to see her. and you can see her in the dramatic new hbo series, "euphoria. hunter schafer is joining us tonight. so it's a great show [ cheers and applause before we get to any of that, a kansas city mom's car was stolen at a gas station recently, so she tracked the thief down and stole it back. [ light laughter ] which brings us to a segment called, "the kind of story we need right now." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: this is danielle reno a couple weeks ago she pulled into a gas station, got out of
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her car, and when she did, someone else jumped in it and drove away so she did what any normal person would do. she filed a police report and then in a move that can only be described as abnormal, she hunted the car down herself. danielle's cell phone and wallet were still in the car, so she started tracking the thief's location on the phone's gps and cross-referencing that with charges the thief was making on her credit card. this is the kind of story we need right now while the rest of u.s. - well the rest of us, excuse me, are watching the news every day feeling helpless, this woman watched "taken" and was like, "i can do that. [ laughter ] but for my car." [ applause ] so what happened next? danielle showed up at each of the stores where the thief had used her credit card, talked to employees and looked for clues to be clear, this woman has no previous law enforcement experience she's just a mom trying to get to the bottom of a crime and if you've ever come home after curfew smelling like weed, you know moms solve crimes [ cheers and applause
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it is too bad. it is too bad. she's not a detective because danielle reno is a kickass detective name danielle reno sounds like the main character on a show on tnt. [ laughter ] so finally, after two days of intense mariska hargitay role playing, danielle had a break in the case she showed up to a different gas station where the thief had recently used her card and learned that he had just missed them but one of the gas station attendants had overheard the thief making plans to have lunch at applebee's. because even criminals in your neighborhood like to eat good. [ light laughter ] also i guess the lesson here is if you're doing something shady at a gas station, whisper, because it turns out the gas station attendants are listening to you [ light laughter so she and her friends split up and each went to a different has multiple applebee's. location to waitkindf story we need right now nothing this cool ever happens at applebee's. only two things ever happen there, co-workers' birthdays and
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custody handoffs [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] also, how cool is it to be friends with danielle reno most moms call you and invite you to book club danielle's like, are you free for a stakeout [ laughter ] so danielle's chilling in a booth lying in wait probably sipping on something like this when the thief walks in. danielle walks out, finds her car in the parking lot and drives away because you know mom has a spare key. then - [ cheers and applause nobefore victory on facebook. >> oh, my god. so before i call the cops, i wanted to show you guys what i just found by doing our own stalking. and i am going to pull into this parking lot and call 911 she's about to get her ass arrested because we [ bleep found her. [ cheers and applause >> seth: now, i know
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i know [ cheers and applause you're not supposed to use the phone while you're driving but i think we can make an exception when the driver is actively solving a crime [ light laughter ] "ma'am, you wanna tell me what you're doing driving while on your phone?" "yeah. your job." [ laughter ] danielle called the cops they arrested the thief and she got her car back plus, her show got greenlit for season two [ light laughter ] these days, the world is full of people committing crimes and getting away with it so, thank you, danielle reno, for catching at least one of them, because this is the kind of story we need right now [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with beto o'rourke, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ at t-mobile, for $40/line for four lines, it's all included for the whole family, starting with unlimited data.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back, everybody. and give it up for the 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause also, so happy that fred is back with us this week. how are you, fred? >> fred: really good, how are you doing? >> seth: i'm wonderful and, fred, it's so great having you around i don't think people fully appreciate what a learning experience is having you as a friend, because you're a renaissance man. a comedian, a musician, a writeroutil you brought
12:50 am
it up recently is that you are an art connoisseur >> fred: yeah. >> seth: and - [ laughter ] you were saying backstage you have an art historian's knowledge of every painting ever painted. >> fred: every painting. yeah [ laughter ] >> seth: this isn't just something you made up to impress me this is a real thing >> fred: it's real [ laughter ] >> seth: and so if i test it right now, this won't be a situation where we're both embarrassed at the end of it >> no, please test me. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] time once again for the segment called "fred armisen: art aficionado." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: fred, this is renoir's masterpiece "girls at the piano. tell us everything you, an art historian, knows about this classic painting >> fred: oh, yes [ laughter ] yes, yes, yes. well, it's one of the first paintings made partially with mustard. [ laughter ] he used a bunch of mustard for the yellows. [ laughter ] and it was really, you know, the reaction -- now we accept it like, okay, we see that it's two people, you know, playing piano and reading notes.
12:51 am
but at the time, this was very shocking it's a very shocking - [ laughter ] anything depicting musical instruments and people playing instruments was very shocking at the time [ laughter people -- >> seth: so obviously people had pianos at the time, right? >> fred: yeah, but they weren't depicted >> seth: oh. [ laughter ] >> fred: you know, we take it for granted now but people -- so when they debuted this, people just fainted and they just - [ laughter ] >> seth: was there, like, a show, was there, like a -- i don't know, how did art work in the day like, how did you first show a painting to people >> fred: it was in sort of a glass gallery. and they would show it there, it was, like, just the one painting and they would sort of unveil it and people just fainted. they would see it and like - [ laughter ] you know, especially because they're facing one direction, you see them, they're facing left that was a huge shock. at the time, paintings were -- [ laughter ] they were all straight-on and they were just people. >> seth: oh. so they were not even accustomed to paintings where people weren't making eye contact with the painter? >> fred: which is what made him a genius it was profiles. finally in art, there were profiles
12:52 am
people that it was both a piano depicted and profiles. >> fred: yes, and also the use of mustard >> seth: yeah. now, the mustard seems to have kept over the years pretty well. >> fred: i think so, too [ laughter ] >> seth: give it up for fred armisen, everybody. [ cheers and applause our first guest tonight represented texas' 16th congressional district and was a 2018 senate candidate. he's now a democratic candidate for president. please welcome to the show beto o'rourke. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: how are you >> i'm -- i'm great. i -- [ cheers and applause yeah >> seth: very happy you're here. >> seth: yeah. >> backstage before the show started.
12:53 am
and always been a huge fan of his. including a cover that he did of the clash's cover, "police on my back" which just blew my mind when i saw on youtube. so, honored to be with you, fred yeah >> seth: yeah, so you -- and this is a real thing about you that you are a great lover of punk rock. you were in the '90s a punk rocker fair to say? >> i'd like to think somewhere inside i still am. >> seth: yeah. >> seth, yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: do you think the punk rocker that is still inside you is surprised that you, the outside you, is running for president? [ laughter ] >> yeah. maybe just a little bit, but i'll tell you, this campaign at its best has a do-it-yourself ethic and spirit we don't take a dime from a single political action committee or corporation or it's all people, all the time, driving from one town to the next, showing up, telling our story but listening to the stories of others. which was kind of like touring in a punk rock band in the 1990s -- [ laughter ] a little bit >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: probably a nicer car situation. >> yes, yeah
12:54 am
[ laughter ] we were touring in a -- we called it the lumber wagon it was a station wagon with four guys, our amps, the drum kit and maybe one change of clothes per person >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and then on the road for the entire summer, but one of the best ways to spend that part of our lives, and it's still with me it's still with me >> seth: that's fantastic. i also want to ask, you were in brooklyn last night doing an event. you used to live in brooklyn >> yeah. >> seth: is this a true story that you had a trampoline -- >> yeah. >> seth: on your roof that you got from busta rhymes? >> so -- [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> seth: and now, again, i - by the way, i get that this is a thing that a lot of candidates have [ laughter ] >> yeah. the answer is "yes." so a roommate of ours, it was either dylan or stephan was working on the set of a busta rhymes video >> seth: uh-huh. >> somehow came home with a n mo on wallabout street in williamsburg in 1996 and it doesn't sound like the safest thing in the world but here we were jumping on a
12:55 am
trampoline on the top of a building everyone survived. >> seth: i'm sure -- by the way, i'm sure busta rhymes checked it to make sure it's safe [ laughter ] >> totally >> seth: i mean -- if you're going to get one that you can trust for safety, that's it [ laughter ] >> busta rhymes, every time. >> seth: i want to ask, because we're coming up next week, another round of these debates ten candidates two different nights it does seem like one of the hardest parts is sort of differentiating yourself from other candidates with whom you share a lot. obviously. you ran against ted cruz in a senate campaign. do you ever miss how easy it was to be different from ted cruz? [ laughter and applause >> where is ted cruz when you need him >> seth: yeah, exactly [ laughter ] >> you know what - [ cheers and applause >> true. you know, what was so great about that campaign in texas, beyond getting a chance to run against ted cruz, was running in a state that had been taken for granted. really written off
12:56 am
ranked 50th in voter turnout and in addition to getting to debate him, we went to every single one of the 254 counties in that state. so no matter how big or blue, we showed up because we didn't want to take it for granted no matter how small or red or rural, we showed up there, too, because we didn't want to write you off. some places had voted for donald trump 96% in the 2016 election. one place, archer county, that we went to, no candidate from senate from either party had shown up in 70 years when lbj dropped out of the sky in a the courthouse grounds and walked over to the american legion hall it had been that lhownong sip to them so that was what was so exciting and at the end of the ut i wrect had in the history of the state of texas it was really an extraordinary election [ cheers and applause >> seth: and you won a lot of -- i think -- i think it was almost about a half a million votes of
12:57 am
people that voted for greg abbott. >> that's right. >> seth: a republican, who also voted for you. so this is, i think, one of the reasons why there was enthusiasm for the idea of you running is maybe you can connect people who don't agree usually with a democratic candidate obviously, there's a scalability question with the united states versus -- i mean, again, don't get me wrong, texas is pretty impressive but -- as far as size is that your plan here, is just to sort of get wheels down everywhere you can >> absolutely. that's the consistent theme, from being on the road with the guys in the band 25 years ago, to being on the road across 254 counties of texas. to this weekend being at the diving elk, a great bar in sioux city and taking questions from people who were there, introducing myself, and then going to sioux center which is one of the most, if not the most, conservative places in the state of iowa and not writing anybody off. and not asking who'd you vote for for president last time? what party do you belong to? who do you pray to, who do you rtant to
12:58 am
you right now. we're americans first before we're anything else. and i got to tell you, in addition to showing up with the courage of our convictions, talking about what we want to see for america, i'm learning so much by listening to people about what's important to them in their lives and they never asked about polling. they never ask about fundraising. they don't care about the horse race they want to know how they're going to afford prescription medication or how we're going to get mental health care, not as a function of luck or fortune, but as a human right that every single american can depend on. and think that's something that unites us across the differences that we have in this country right now. [ cheers and applause >> seth: it -- it strikes me that, you know, from what i know about you, it strikes me that you believe -- you're someone who thrives in that situation where you can get local with people. you can be in, you know, bars or restaurants talking to them in the places they live is it -- as you prepare for these debates, especially ones
12:59 am
where it will be you and nine other people onstage, and you know, short answers, is it frustrating to then take that same message that given the luxury of a little bit more time with people you feel like gets across versus what you'll be up again next week? >> short answer is yes >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> it's a very different experience to try to package a really complex policy issue and reflect what you've learned from everyone that you've listened to in america into 60 seconds and in an attempt to do that while nine other people are talking that's where we are right now. and my task is to come through as strong and clear as possible to define this as a moment of truth. you've got somebody holding mass rallies saying "send them back," four members of re someone who has the deaths of six children who are in our care in custody on the u.s./mexico border on his hands, on our conscience we got to stand up to be counted right now. and i want to make sure that we
1:00 am
come through and this marks the best period going forward for the united states of america that we stood up to this challenge. we stood up to this bully and we revealed ourselves to be an ambitious, aspirational people, defined not by fear but our courage and our confidence and the resolve that we show in order to accomplish these ambitious goals. [ cheers and applause >> seth: with -- i think one perspective you have that's really unique is, obviously, you know, you're from el paso. it's a border town and can you speak to -- what we might all be getting wrong about the border not just with how republicans have treated the situation there but how democrats have as well >> yeah. so, el paso, texas, my hometown, is connected with ciudad juárez and they form the largest binational community in the hemisphere there's 3 million of us who are joined, not separated, by the rio grande river, speaking two languages. coming from these two countries that form something greater than the sum of the people or the parts involved and el paso is one of, if not
1:01 am
the safest cities in america, not despite, but because it's a city of immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees so what so many people get wrong right now is thinking that mexico or mexicans or immigrants are a threat their very presence makes us stronger and safer and more secure and so if immigration is a problem, it is the best possible problem this country could have. it's time that we rewrite our immigration laws in our own reunite those families w've been separated free every single dreamer from any fear of deportation. and this becomes a stronger, >> seth: so -- all right. that's - >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> seth: now you know what's going to happen, though. now that you did that, someone else is going to use it at the debate before you. [ laughter ] >> gave it away.
1:02 am
>> seth: you -- i do want to ask, obviously, it's a crowded field. i do think it's very early, and certainly historically, what we see in polling now is not borne out as a result of any presidential election. we're a ways out but i think some people have asked, you're obviously this incredibly talented candidate. certainly those in the democratic party said you -- "look, you're a great congressman. you came really close. maybe the best use of you isn't here with everybody else because all these talented people who are now putting their attention and obviously only one of them can get a shot at this how do you -- do you ever have doubts and think, "oh, maybe this was the wrong thing for me to aim for right now?" >> no, i never think that. m doing what i feel is the most important way for me to contribute to this country's success because i don't think that any one person is going to defeat donald trump or bring this divided country together again. i think it's really going to take a movement. and a movement that doesn't care if you live in a big city or a small town, if you're an independent, a democrat, or republican
1:03 am
a movement of all of us. and more than 100,000 people have signed up to join this campaign to volunteer or knock on doors hundreds of thousands have donated 5 or 10 or 15 bucks. we have the greatest volunteers in the country working their hearts out right now and they all know that this is a marathon and there's going to be highs. there's going to be lows but through that, we must persist and it's the only way that we're going to be successful and secure that nomination, defeat donald trump, and then meet the ambitions of this country and see these great priorities through once we're in office in 2021 >> seth: all right well, thanks so much for making the time for us. [ cheers and applause >> thank you, yeah appreciate it, sir >> seth: stay hydrated out there. >> i will. >> seth: beto o'rourke, everybody. we'll be right back with retta >> thank you [ cheers and applause ♪ -their b se sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: you know our next guest from shows such as "good girls"
1:08 am
and "parks and recreation. you can see her next in "good boys" which is in theaters everywhere on august 16th. let's take a look. >> lasagna and soda? don't tell our parents you gave me this. >> your kid is hilarious >> we're getting a divorce >> what do you mean? >> i'll tell you, everything's going to stay the same >> we promise. >> will we still watch "this is us" together >> yes of course. that's our favorite show >> that's our family show. except now you're going to see it on two different tvs. >> in two different houses >> you'll have to watch the episode twice. >> twice the fun >> me and your mama, we're still best friends, right? >> hmm-mm. [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend, retta, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
1:09 am
>> seth: welcome back, retta >> why, thank you, seth. >> seth: i've been thinking about you lately because i owe you an incredible debt of gratitude. >> yeah, you do. yeah, you do [ light laughter ] i made your dreams come true is what i did >> seth: you made my dreams come true we did a thing on our show a few years ago, "day drinking with the meyers'. i went day drinking with my brother. then i did it again with my mom. and then you reached out you've been a guest on the show a few times. we were friends. you said, i'll do the day drinking with seth it had never occurred to me to do it with guests on the show. that was the first domino that led to me day drinking with rihanna. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause i mean - >> you're welcome. >> seth: yh. -- so when i wa especially -- i lucked out with your mom, because your mom can take it to the head. >> seth: yeah. >> she is no holds barred. she's like, i'm waiting on you >> seth: yeah. >> so i was like, oh, i can drink, too so i was very excited about it
1:10 am
and then -- but and then i know, like, i know you love you some riri >> seth: i do, yes >> you love, like, almost a little uncomfortable >> seth: now we're normal friends. and it's not weird anymore [ laughter ] >> okay. so i remember you posted on instagram, like, a little clip and i literally gasped when i sr >> seth: were you really >> yes we went to cabo. we went to cabo for a business birthday it was another celebrity it's not a big deal. we all hang out. [ laughter ] im-up bar.e in -- of course, we [ laughter ] >> seth: everything about this -- this is a picture i and i was like, yo, i see seth met his girl he's like, right [ laughter ] then i was like, i feel like i made that happen >> seth: you did >> i feel like i made that happen >> seth: yes, so thank you very much, again. a debt that will never be repaid i appreciate it so much. [ cheers and applause we always talk -- you are -- we're very similar, we love television you're a lover of tv and you like to recap television you like to tweet. i think you like to bring people's eyes to shows who maybe don't feel like they're getting
1:11 am
enough love. you had to upgrade your house due to your television obsession. >> so i got a new house and i did some renovations and so i was, like, deciding, i was trying to say where i was putting the tvs. i had a guy helping me with the design my friend, adrian. so i was like, i need a tv -- so i was like, i need one here on the lanai. then obviously, the media room i was like, i'm going to need it in the bathroom and my dressing room and then in my bedroom. oh, the guest room the only room in my house that doesn't have it is the guest bathroom >> seth: wow [ light laughter ] >> he says, he goes, i'm a little concerned it's going to start looking like a sports bar. i was like, that's the dream, homie! [ cheersnd that's the dream >> seth: you -- anything -- anything you want to shout out anything you're loving right now? >> i mean, i feel like everybody at this point knows that "fleabag" is - >> seth: the best. >> second season is the perfect season [ cheers and applause >> seth: it's perfect television >> it was perfect tv as was the episode -- i don't
1:12 am
want to give anything away, the episode with the little girl in "barry." >> seth: yeah, amazing >> i feel like that should have been submitted for an oscar. >> seth: yeah. i think it will still win some awards you're right incredible cinema. >> perfect episode >> seth: did you watch "chernobyl"? >> no. >> sett'ing because it's, like, a problem that's not today [ laughter ] you know what i mean like, if they made it the year -- like if they made it the week after chernobyl you'd be like, i can't, i have too much chernobyl. >> too soon. >> seth: too soon. but right now, you're like, this is a nice distance from chernobyl. [ laughter ] >> okay. maybe i'll check it out. >> seth: yeah. >> i don't know -- >> seth: it's weird that we live in a time where it's like, oh, enough of the news i just got to chill out and watch "chernobyl." [ laughter ] that's where we're at right now. >> yeah. [ applause ] it's really -- i mean, that's -- i had to stop. i mean, god bless our friends in it, but i had to stop "the handmaid's tale" because i was, like, it's getting too real. and then, like, the first episode of season two, i was like, i'm out. >> seth: yeah.
1:13 am
>> i was like, i'm out >> seth: i mean, it's such incredible television. but i think it speaks to the amount of, it's like, emotional weight that you can sometimes be like, oh, boy. >> yeah. sick to my stomachor >> seth: really? >> i'm in a place in my life, i.e., i'm old, that i don't want anything that's just going to i'm not going to bring that on on myself. >> seth: you know how we're watching tv right now, because we have a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old, is we watch ten minutes a night and then one of us falls asleep and the other one doesn't know and then the next night, we try to watch tv again and we're like, what when did this happen we have to go back >> exactly >> seth: it's basically -- i think it takes me 85 minutes to watch 60 minutes of television with my wife [ laughter ] >> see, i don't miss a lot because all my tvs in my house are connected to the same box. i pause as i move from room to room >> seth: really? >> that's why i have - >> seth: you are fully like one of those -- you're like a best buy commercial >> yeah. i make my coffee i don't have to stop - >> seth: so as long as you don't accidentaletu're [ bleep ]. you're good to go.
1:14 am
that's your twilight zone. [ light laughter ] your twilight zone is, like, finally i can watch all my television >> when they were working on my bathroom, i was like, oh, this is going to be ten minutes of nothing. [ laughter ] i'm going to have to use the guest bathroom >> seth: you're in a movie called "good boys. which looks hilarious. and then "good girls" is coming back on nbc, which is really exciting [ cheers and applause are you guys -- have you started shooting yet >> no, we don't start for another two months >> seth: oh, wow good, so you got a little bit more summer? >> i need to go to work. >> seth: oh. you're getting anxious >> yeah, because i'm just eating and drinking i had so much tequila backstage. >> seth: wait, what? [ laughter ] >> by the way, sarah poured it i said, i want some -- tequila gives me little bit of a kick. >> seth: yeah. >> and my publicist made me a vodka and tonic. i was like, you know what? she was like, do you want tequila? i was like, yes, please. so sarah went and made one because she got the ice to shake
1:15 am
it and she brought it in and i was like, that's a mug of tequila. and it was so -- and i still drank it >> seth: oh, that's good [ laughter ] >> i drank all of it >> seth: i'm glad you did. [ cheers and applause i want our times together to be celebratory. next time we'll have one at the desk i will toast you in gratitude. it is always so great to see you. thank you so much for being here >> thanks for having me. [ cheers and applause >> seth: retta, everybody. "good boys" is in theaters everywhere on august 16th. we'll be right back with hunter schafer [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪
1:16 am
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1:21 am
full pathway >> seth: please welcome to the show, hunter schafer, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show, hunter >> thank you >> seth: this is very exciting this is your acting debut. >> yeah. >> seth: you found out about this job via instagram >> yeah. >> seth: how does that happen? >> casting kind of went all-out with searching everywhere for the cast members, and i just remember seeing it, like, on a story somewhere and people were trying to get each other to audition and then i got a call from my model agency and they asked me to come in >> seth: then you got it >> then it happened. >> seth: the show for people who don't watch -- it's intense. >> yes >> seth: i think that's safe to say. >> yeah. >> seth: graphic at times. and even in the first episode, your character goes through some
1:22 am
stuff that is even hard to explain. >> yeah. >> seth: with that said, those were part of your audition, right? >> yeah. >> seth: so those actual scenes -- i did not realize that you had to do that intense work. >> yeah, i so didn't get, like, full episodes at first i kind of just got, like, three scenes and i have like, two pretty intense scenes in the first episode. and it was two of those scenes and then another one about, like, a -- taking [ bleep ] pic tutorials. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's great that that's the one we can explain out loud yeah [ laughter ] just to set a baseline for you and then we'll just do the [ bleep ] pic ones, that's our fun one. >> yeah. >> seth: did you feel -- i can't imagine how intense it must be to, like, sort of put yourself out there as an audition and then you walk out, did you feel good about it? did you think, oh, i think i may have a chance? >> i don't know. i didn't really have any idea what i was doing but, like, but, i mean, it just -- it got kind of more comfortable as the auditions kept going and then, like, five or six
1:23 am
auditions later i was, like, in a roomful of hbo execs, like, doing it for them, with jacob who's actually on the show, too. so, yeah >> seth: well, congrats. do you have to warn your family in advance did you give them a heads-up like, hey, good news, i'm on a show, also news, there's some stuff. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i -- i remember describing it to them as, like, a little risque >> seth:hu >> and - >> seth: that is definitely, like, a way a grandmother would describe it. [ laughter ] >> right yeah that's how i wanted to present it and then, like, when we actually started filming, i kind of, like, gave them the more filled-in version. >> seth: gotcha. >> yeah. by the time they saw it, i think they were ready. >> seth: they were ready are they enjoying it are you getting good feedback? >> they've been super supportive, and, i mean, while
1:24 am
not everything is easy to watch, like, my dad keeps telling himself, she's acting, she's acting yeah [ light laughter ] >> seth: you -- this is -- having, you know, i'm fairly new to the parent game and this show terrifies me in that, you know, even the -- all right, so ten years ago, how much social media has changed and this is a show where, you know, you see dating apps and not the kind that would be on, like, the commercial >> right [ laughter ] >> seth: and i'm so terrified because, again, my kids are 1 and 3. by the time they're 18, i'm like, oh my god, where's it going to be then >> yeah. >> seth: i mean, did this, again, are you playing someone that is exactly the same place as you are in your life? is the social media to you, does it make total sense as the way you're experiencing it in real life >> it makes, like, sense, in the show i won't say that i was using it the way my character is using it in the show. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, thank god >> yeah. no i definitely didn't do what
1:25 am
les does butm i mean, i had friends that kind of, like, were falling in like, using that as a route to sort of -- >> seth: i feel like in 15 years i'm going to walk in on my sonl. like, how? [ laughter ] what is happening? how do apps work he's like, knock, dad! [ laughter ] >> do they have social media yet? is that a possibility? >> seth: no, they don't have it yet. but that's what i'm saying who knows where it's going to be in 15 years. >> just don't ever let them have it [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah, that's true i will say, this is -- your show is like a public service announcement against social media. [ light laughter ] oh, this is a good episode honey, give me your phone. crack, crack, crack. [ laughter ] >> i don't think you're alone in that in that reaction >> seth: okay. that's good. you live in l.a. now you used to live in new york >> yeah. >> seth: do you miss it? >> so much >> seth: yeah.
1:26 am
>> and my job is in l.a. and, like, i have my own place in l.a., which is really nice, and, like, i don't know, in new york-- >> seth: what, so your new york apartment days were not -- >> i, you know, i didn't have the job that i have now. >> seth: right >> you know, i was sharing my apartment with, like, four to five people and then was in, like, a model apartment for the other portion of my new york time >> seth: model apartments sound like the worst things in the world. >> they do not have a great reputation >> seth: yeah. >> no. >> seth: they sound like -- model apartments sounds like the title of an '80s movie that is, like, super fun. >> what? >> seth: but the reality is it's real bad, right? >> there should be a show about model apartments >> seth: yeah. >> the stories that come out of them are - >> seth: if they're worse than the ones in "euphoria," i don't want to see another one. [ laughter ] your next show has to be a cartoon i can show a 3-year-old. >> we can do cartoon model apartment. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, good. what do you miss the most about new york
1:27 am
>> i don't know. like, my favorite thing in the world is to just, like, put my headphones in and, like, take a and -- i don't know, i don't really leave my house in l.a >> seth: yeah. >> so that's, like - >> seth: when you see that -- if your friends saw you doing that in l.a., they'd, like, call -- >> well, yeah. >> seth: they'd call your family and be like, it's gone wrong something. [ laughter ] >> i think they'd be like, she lives in silver lake, why is she, like, downtown wandering -- >> seth: you'd get back to your house and they'd already put up signs, like, have you seen hunter >> it would take that long >> seth: thanks so much for being here and congrats on everything it's been lovely talking to you. >> thank you >> seth: that's hunter schafer, everybody. "euphoria" airs sunday nights at 10:00 on hbo. we'll right back [ cheers and applause ♪ woman 1: this... woman 2: ...this... man 1: ...this is my body of proof. man 2: proof of less joint pain... woman 3: ...and clearer skin. man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis...
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to beto o'rourke. retta. hunter schafer, everybody. [ cheers and applause fred armisen, the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪
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[ cheers and applause kay, can i get one right here right here >> what are you doing? >>
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